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just_a__girlx's Journal

just_a__girl x
21 May
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Do you ever wonder
Why people do what they do ?
Why they trust who the trust?
Why they Portray what they feel ?
Do you ever wonder
Who really chooses the punishment ?
Who executes the crime?
Who carries the guilt on their heart?
Do you ever wonder
If the world is comming to an end ?
If your friends are really friends?
if you are the same as you seem to your self?
Do you ever wonder
Whats hidden behind people's eyes?
Whats the solution to the undefineable problem?
Or what you could have done differently if you'd only had the chance?
Do you ever wonder
Why you stick with it ?
Who plots with & against you?
Or if now is a good time to just give up?
Do you ever wonder
what's the point in wondering ?


thanks to ___dialogue for my sexy mka - layout <3 *