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[01 Oct 2004|04:15pm]
hey guys .
i moved to another LJ --> exohxoh
add it <3
- chelle
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[16 Sep 2004|09:52pm]
well i am finally home from michigan .
my trip was alot of fun .
i spent three days at wca , as a student , it was cool , i wore the oh so beautiful wca uniform , and it was like i never left . i def. missed everyone , and i was so glad to be able to spend time with them . i stayed with denae , and we had a great time . im already missing everyone . Everytime i head up there it's such a different enviorment for me , not only the weather , and everything looking different , but people , and how i act . i never really relized it , but like people you hang out with really can take a toll on you . like since i moved to florida i have changed just by the different people . of coarse this happens to everyone , but i need to like pay attention to it , it can't always be a good thing . in michigan i was so comfortable , because i didnt care what people thought and stuff . i dunno , just somthing i relized . when i was up there i sorta had a hard time .. i mean like memory wise , at the malls and certain places i had gone with my mom not too long ago , things i remembered , i was kinda crushed .
i flew in last night about 12:00 , it was late and there were tons of people waiting at the bottom of the escalator to greet people getting off the plane , it made me upset , like i was going down the escalator , and it felt like someone should have been there to greet me and my dad , like two people wasnt enough , it made me relize there was only two , it doesnt really seem like it all the time . it was a weird feeling , but it really made me see everything the way it was , not how i have been making myself see it , as i block it out. this lady that has been talking to me and my dad , keeps telling us how in everyone who has lost someone the 5th & 6th month are the worst , soo im thinking it's starting to hit me . . .
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hurricane I somthing somthing , Ian ? [06 Sep 2004|10:33pm]
well i have like 5 minutes to update this thing ..
okay .
well recap -
thurday night went to the movies , louisa spent the night , friday i stayed home cleaned the house and just hung out , saturday i went to best buy and circuit city that was about it , jennifer came over sunday & slept over ..
we watched movies , cooked , and went for a walk around gulf harbour in the hurricane ha . that was uhm .. different ? we had these hot guys like drive by , stop , and back up and asked if we wanted a ride .. it was cool . their car was awesome ;] fun shtuff . anyway - after that we just came back watched another movie , and went online & stuff .. she left today and since then i have been sick with a headache & i got bored so i went stair skiing , it's like the rachelle thing to do , and the worse part , yes , i was alone . stair skiing on my own . but hey i had fun anyway - minus the like 30 bruises im covered in now . lol = everything is cool though .
i did my homework like a good little ecsian . . now im updating , and i need to go to sleep but can't im on weekend time . wth .
school tom , again . = bite me .
god . it sucks .

well im probablly going to be leaving anyways .. im visiting verot this week most likely . i can't wait . i hope it's cool .
but shh .

i have to go .
leave me comments <3
i love youuu .
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[05 Sep 2004|02:00am]
hey .
another day ;/
i didn't do a WHOLE lot today
i woke up fairly early = 10 am .
lol that's early for me .
anyway , i got up , got on the tredmill , took a shower
then we went to best buy , circuit city & micheals.
i got a adapter cord for my digital so i can send pics again ;D a memory stick .. my camera holds more pics now , and then i got a portable dvd player and the uptown girls dvd . then at micheals i got some bracelet stuff & some construction paper. yes yes .
fun stuff . i love spending money . lol it's an addiction .
tomorrow jennii is comming over , were gonna hang out , go swimming , lol , tan , go to the coastland mall , then the movies , then she'll stay over , we will probablly go online and just watch movies , talk , you know .. blah blah . im excited , i love having plans <3

omg , my power keeps flickering
- it's kinda scary & im all alone );
boooo .

soo lastly , im just sitting here texting to chad on my phone , drama drama .
and im listening to some songs from last year , reminds me of joel days <3
lol . awh . okay =
leaving . .
call the cell ! **

<3 ; chelle
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[03 Sep 2004|02:27am]
*DeLeted =
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call me pathetic. . . i dont even care . [03 Sep 2004|01:43am]
hey there .
i don't know exactly who reads this day to day .
i know my life isn't the most intresting thing to read.
but hey , who said i was that intresting anyways ?
i already updated today , but somthing is really bothering me .
someone ** is like upset , mad , discusted , whatever by me .. and it's like killing me , theyr'e acting like nothing is wrong when i know that there is , and they keep trying to tell me to forget about it . a friend that close shouldn't be telling you to forget about it when they especially know how much it bothers you , and if they cared enough , wouldn't they tell you so you could do somthing about it ? it feels unfair , like why does it always have to be me & them ? and it always happens for the same reasons ? i can name them off .
but this time , i think it's different .
as sad as it is i have been thinking about it non stop & come to about 3 conclusions . ... yes ...
who knows ? im trying to ignore it , but i can't .

i get too upset over these situations , i sometimes feel like i just wanna give up on them . but i could never . i belive soo much that they were the reason that i made it through my hard times , and just too many other things i almost can't explain. i hope everything ends up working out .

anyways that was my rant .
please leave me comments <33
* <3

yea , i think i love you .
& tropical punch popsicles .
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[31 Aug 2004|08:44pm]
hey there ;D
heh . i just read my journal entry from last night .. wow . a crock ? who says that ? lol . sometimes i wonder what im on .
yeah , so i guess you can say i had a good day @ school today , i dunno what makes it good ? but yeah , it was fine . but - i don't really have much to say once again . . so pray that somthing intresting will happen tom.
<33 **
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[30 Aug 2004|10:06pm]

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[30 Aug 2004|09:32pm]
<3 well another boring day @ ecs . , sucha crock .
anyway - i came home from school , def. wasn't ina` good mood .
we won't go there . so then we went to publix , psh just made my day 20x better , i hate grocery shopping . next we came home .. unloaded stuff , i did my homework ..
then my dad had some stuff to do , then i went tanning= im so sick of being like albino style . lastly i talked to ryan & now im off to clean my room , and get to bed . im mighty tired , and i have to be at school tom. at 8 am sharp , lol . im tired of being late everyday . god . it just adds to the other problems . anyway , a plan is in the making .. can't say yet . but wish me luck anyway .
sorry just minus the negitivity -
i still <3 you all .

week + * END plans
tom : nothing ;/
wed : no hmwk , maybe the movies ;D & tanning again .
thurs: more nothing .
friday : movies - blake & jared , i can't wait to see them .
saturday: maybe hangout with louisa , if she loves me enough .
sunday: no im not goin to church like all the perfect ecs'ians .. i would be found cleaning @ home .

then monday , i get to do it all over again .
woot. feel the joy ?
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[26 Aug 2004|09:06pm]
aLoHa ! _

how is everyone ?
im doing pretty good !
i had a decent day at school today . . . it was a little bit better than all the other days so far . i guess im just getting used to it ? couldn't tell yah .
there is this kid ryan ( dunno his last name ) he is fricken halarious (; so he keeps me entertained . so after - school today , i knew that i was goin furniture shopping , and as sad as it is , i was acctually looking forward to it .
so we went to like 3 stores , i didn't see anything . i guess im set for the stuff @ crate and barrel .. it's neat -O . <3 so im just gonna wing it , and order that .
other than furniture shopping today , i went to the mall , looked at some coach purses , veryy cute . but 208 $ , when they were only 120 @ the bonita mall ? wtf.
so i figured i'd wait & go there . then i went to bell tower , we had to get some new pillows and towels , a coffee grinder & maker lol , then i hit the optical place that is there , and bought some glasses since my other ones broke , i miss them , i get sick of contacts , i enjoy feeling studious anyways . so they should be in , in like a week or so ? . lastly , i went and got my nails done .. they are mighty bright though ;/ hmm .. and then i just went to dinner , then home , so i guess i had a busier day then normal .. which is good . i <33 busy . on a lower note , i have a junk load of homework , it's 9:15 and i haven't even started . shoot me .
tom . i have yet another thing to look forward to , islands of adventure , im leaving after school - ish . should be fun (; <33
alright , well i guess you know what im off to do .
<< homework >>
ill update more after i get home from orlando .

<3 always ! &
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[22 Aug 2004|06:32pm]
hey .
well i am finally home , i got in last night about 9 or 10 .
im soo happy to be back , michigan was just okay .
yeah , so don't mind the lack of updates , the hurricane wiped us out , and then we went up north , soo yeah . but not anything went on that was worth updating right away anyways .
as we all know school started the 11th , and well the first day flat out stank .
the net day was a little bit better i guess , but nothing great either ;/
then well the hurricane came ( friday the 13th ) ohh .. how convinent?
my house only has like minor damage , which is suprising .. lol , i cannot wait to move to my new house . . anyway though ..
i have loads of homework , so i have to get going , but i figured i would update while i was online . . soo i hope everyone is good , comment me about whats been going on <3
/ i L y :: chelle /
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[09 Aug 2004|12:58am]
hey <3
yess. i deleted all of my old entries .
i had a good day today .
i didn't end up going to bed untill about 5:30 this morning , so i didn't wake up untill about 2:30 either . i woke up and sorta just relaxed most of the day , i originally had planned to go to the mall but being that it was sunday , it didn't leave me with much time . so i went upstairs . took a shower . got ready . and told my dad we were going out . we went to dinner at bistro 41 in bell tower and then to a movie . we saw some movie with denzel washington . . called somthing canidate .
it was okay . i don't think it was my kind of movie . i was planning on hitting a movie with chad tonight , but somehow the number was mixed around in my cell , and i didn't get a hold of him. i was kinda` bummed , but i was glad to spend time with my dad , he is going to be real busy by the time school starts , and i probablly won't see him much . <3 . anyway i got home about an hour or so ago and now im just online like any other time , and im talking to chad , he hooked me up with one of those yellow wristbands which totally kick. i found them online , i think ill order some! like a box or somthing . it supports cancer , so ill wear it in honor of my mom .
im really happy they got all that started. anyways though , school starts wed. im stressing out a little bit . im def. going to the mall tomorrow . i have a few last things i have to get. well leave me comments <3 i love you all .
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[08 Aug 2004|04:19pm]

new layout !
i absolutely love it <3
thanks to :

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