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aLoHa ! _

how is everyone ?
im doing pretty good !
i had a decent day at school today . . . it was a little bit better than all the other days so far . i guess im just getting used to it ? couldn't tell yah .
there is this kid ryan ( dunno his last name ) he is fricken halarious (; so he keeps me entertained . so after - school today , i knew that i was goin furniture shopping , and as sad as it is , i was acctually looking forward to it .
so we went to like 3 stores , i didn't see anything . i guess im set for the stuff @ crate and barrel .. it's neat -O . <3 so im just gonna wing it , and order that .
other than furniture shopping today , i went to the mall , looked at some coach purses , veryy cute . but 208 $ , when they were only 120 @ the bonita mall ? wtf.
so i figured i'd wait & go there . then i went to bell tower , we had to get some new pillows and towels , a coffee grinder & maker lol , then i hit the optical place that is there , and bought some glasses since my other ones broke , i miss them , i get sick of contacts , i enjoy feeling studious anyways . so they should be in , in like a week or so ? . lastly , i went and got my nails done .. they are mighty bright though ;/ hmm .. and then i just went to dinner , then home , so i guess i had a busier day then normal .. which is good . i <33 busy . on a lower note , i have a junk load of homework , it's 9:15 and i haven't even started . shoot me .
tom . i have yet another thing to look forward to , islands of adventure , im leaving after school - ish . should be fun (; <33
alright , well i guess you know what im off to do .
<< homework >>
ill update more after i get home from orlando .

<3 always ! &
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