just_a__girl x (just_a__girlx) wrote,
just_a__girl x

hey there ;D
heh . i just read my journal entry from last night .. wow . a crock ? who says that ? lol . sometimes i wonder what im on .
yeah , so i guess you can say i had a good day @ school today , i dunno what makes it good ? but yeah , it was fine . but - i don't really have much to say once again . . so pray that somthing intresting will happen tom.
<33 **
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wow rachelle
u are the hottest person ever lol
ur the best <3.. that hummus was the best
ah we have to hang out more often and relive the good times!
i heart you!! :D
heyy you .
omg thanks that is too nice.
awh share the love , yes yes .
oh i know that hummus was the shit , but it gave me grungstritiuoslyamiousis .yea no shit , it's been to long , wayyy to long .
next weekend , maybe this weekend ? eh eh .. we go canoeing & niggamoning .
i missed ya babyy .
i heart you more <333 take that whore .
on a dark & stormy night ..