just_a__girl x (just_a__girlx) wrote,
just_a__girl x

call me pathetic. . . i dont even care .

hey there .
i don't know exactly who reads this day to day .
i know my life isn't the most intresting thing to read.
but hey , who said i was that intresting anyways ?
i already updated today , but somthing is really bothering me .
someone ** is like upset , mad , discusted , whatever by me .. and it's like killing me , theyr'e acting like nothing is wrong when i know that there is , and they keep trying to tell me to forget about it . a friend that close shouldn't be telling you to forget about it when they especially know how much it bothers you , and if they cared enough , wouldn't they tell you so you could do somthing about it ? it feels unfair , like why does it always have to be me & them ? and it always happens for the same reasons ? i can name them off .
but this time , i think it's different .
as sad as it is i have been thinking about it non stop & come to about 3 conclusions . ... yes ...
who knows ? im trying to ignore it , but i can't .

i get too upset over these situations , i sometimes feel like i just wanna give up on them . but i could never . i belive soo much that they were the reason that i made it through my hard times , and just too many other things i almost can't explain. i hope everything ends up working out .

anyways that was my rant .
please leave me comments <33
* <3

yea , i think i love you .
& tropical punch popsicles .
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