just_a__girl x (just_a__girlx) wrote,
just_a__girl x

well i am finally home from michigan .
my trip was alot of fun .
i spent three days at wca , as a student , it was cool , i wore the oh so beautiful wca uniform , and it was like i never left . i def. missed everyone , and i was so glad to be able to spend time with them . i stayed with denae , and we had a great time . im already missing everyone . Everytime i head up there it's such a different enviorment for me , not only the weather , and everything looking different , but people , and how i act . i never really relized it , but like people you hang out with really can take a toll on you . like since i moved to florida i have changed just by the different people . of coarse this happens to everyone , but i need to like pay attention to it , it can't always be a good thing . in michigan i was so comfortable , because i didnt care what people thought and stuff . i dunno , just somthing i relized . when i was up there i sorta had a hard time .. i mean like memory wise , at the malls and certain places i had gone with my mom not too long ago , things i remembered , i was kinda crushed .
i flew in last night about 12:00 , it was late and there were tons of people waiting at the bottom of the escalator to greet people getting off the plane , it made me upset , like i was going down the escalator , and it felt like someone should have been there to greet me and my dad , like two people wasnt enough , it made me relize there was only two , it doesnt really seem like it all the time . it was a weird feeling , but it really made me see everything the way it was , not how i have been making myself see it , as i block it out. this lady that has been talking to me and my dad , keeps telling us how in everyone who has lost someone the 5th & 6th month are the worst , soo im thinking it's starting to hit me . . .
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